Chris McInroy brought a little shred, gurgle, n’ grind to this year’s Fantastic Fest with his relentlessly awesome, gore-drenched love letter to the decimating power of riffage, Death Metal. The short film is now tearing its way through a huge number of subsequent festivals and considering both its Deci-worthy subject matter overlap and the season, we thought we’d reach out to the director to see if he’d be down to summon up a Death Metal playlist.

Here’s what the gracious and talented McInroy sent along…

Death Metal – Teaser from Chris McInroy on Vimeo.

Gojira: From Mars To Sirius

Listened to this a lot when writing. Helped me think of pacing in a story — “Flying Whales” is a two minute tease! Talk about anticipation. Since this is a short film, though, I wanted to hit it fast and hard right away and not stop. More like “The Heaviest Matter In The Universe.” But man I love this album. One of my all time favorites. I just heard Terra Incognita for the first time this week and holy shit its good.

Metallica: The First Four Albums

I’m a Metallica guy. I made up a backstory for the Dad in Death Metal — he was a roadie for Metallica in the early days. And he even named his son Lars.

Battlecross: Pursuit Of Honor

We used Battlecross songs from this album in the edit as test tracks a lot. Its fast and heavy and perfect for a slaughter in a park. The song that stayed the longest in our rough cuts was Leech.

Thy Art Is Murder: Holy War

This album came out after we had raised the money for the short so I listened to it a lot to stay in the heavy zone so Id keep the momentum going into production. We didn’t get to shoot until December 2015 so there was a lot of heavy music listening to stay in the zone.

Despised Icon: Day Of Mourning

I had never heard of Despised Icon before. I was looking around online at album covers that had demons on them for inspiration of artwork for the movie and ran across this one. The actor who plays Lars — Kirk Johnson — and I had the album on when the special effects wizard Eric Zapata was life casting Kirk’s arm for the final scene.