STREAMING: Kyy “Legio Serpenti”

If Sarcofago, Watain, and Beherit got into a winner-takes-all fist fight, it might end up sounding like Kyy. If chaos, disorder, fervent calls to the Nameless One are our future, then Kyy might be the soundtrack to it all. Formed in 2013 in quaint Lahti, Finland, Kyy aren’t the type of band the country normally produces. There’s nothing logical or planned about Kyy. From the moment, they kick off, all snarly, bleeding from the mouth and nose, the Finns are unpredictable. They might not hurt you. Then again, they might hurt you. They have a Mad Max ‘n’ Dante’s Inferno vibe about them. Musically and visually.

So, we here at Decibel are chuffed to inverted bits that we have the premiere of Kyy’s “Legio Serpenti”, the first actual track off the group’s seething Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death debut. Again, it’s as if Kyy has taken in Sarcofago’s third-world brutality, Watain’s manic tempo and melodic sensibilities, and Beherit’s ugliness, worshiped it, and then blew it all apart to form a sound that’s distinctly Kyy.

We asked Kyy for a quote about “Legio Serpenti”. Here’s what we got.

“An invocation for opening the gates for the Destructive Forces of the Other Side in forms of ultimate servitude to the Nameless One. Legio Serpenti is indeed a hymn containing the very essence of the band, tied to its very roots – no wonder it was chosen as the most suitable opener for the album. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra!”

May Mondays never be the same again.

** Kyy’s debut album, Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death, is out November 4th on Saturnal Records, just as the waxing moon crescents. Pre-orders will be available soon, but if “Legio Serpenti” sated your dark heart, then more Kyy insanity is located HERE.