Get this Limited MEMORIAM (Bolt Thrower/Benediction) Flexi Disc When You Subscribe to Decibel!

Old-school death metallers the world over felt a tingling in their sweatpants-regions when current and former members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction (vocalist Karl Willets, bassist Frank Healy, drummer Andy Whale and guitarist Scott Fairfax) announced the formation of the death metal supergroup Memoriam this past January. 

Well, those same death metal fans might not want to stand up just yet, because Memoriam have officially joined the Decibel Flexi Series via an exclusive demo recording of brand new track “Surrounded by Death.” The Brits’ debut album war-themed, mid-paced death metal destruction, will be out next year on Nuclear Blast, but if you don’t want to wait that long to get a taste, you’ll need to obtain an active Deluxe Decibel subscription by 9am EST on Monday September 5! 

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