A Grind 7″ to Split Your Head Wide Open

There are few things more exciting to an extreme music fan than to be told about a new band that gives you that eye-opening moment of “holy sh…” when you first turn on the song. Well, Seeing Red Records is giving fans a double shot of this excitement with a split coming out on September 16.

Sunlight’s Bane* is a Michigan-based band that’s mastered a blistering mix of black metal, hardcore and grindcore, along with a myriad of other influences (in fact, they do a pretty sweet cover of “Be Quiet and Drive” by the Deftones). The band has spent the last few years, since renaming themselves from Traitor, making a name for themselves at shows with Call of the Void, acXdc and others. Likewise, the UK’s Geist have a dark hardcore sound reminiscent of bands like Harm’s Way, Withdrawal and The Banner. Two great bands, two dark, foreboding and mosh-ready sounds.

Sunlight’s Bane offered some insight about the split:

“We were very eager to do the split with Geist and create something that with thousands of miles between both bands in only four songs would cover a range of aggression that would stand as a release with a specific identity in our catalogue to come. We did not want to create a physical release that was just the consequential result of our two bands writing songs. We feel that the end result was the best way we could introduce ourselves to the world as an uncompromising and unforgiving band.”

Geist also sounds very eager to get this split out there:

“This is our first proper release since our debut EP “Faith Healing”. We’re happy that after all the work we’ve put in it’s finally come together. A split after an EP felt like the right thing to do and with a band like Sunlight’s Bane its a great opportunity to get a record released and heard in the States.”

Check out the song (and rather disturbing video) “Spoke the Cancerous Void” by Sunlight’s Bane below. Nick Holland of Sunlight’s Bane says the video is intended to “convey and illicit a specific type of reaction in the viewer.” The bleeding scenes definitely accomplish that.

(*Sidenote: Did Sunlight’s Bane get their name from Dissection’s Storm of the Light’s bane? If they did, good on them. If not, what an awesome coincidence!)