Photo: Shawn Macomber
Photo: Shawn Macomber

As Cleveland brutalizers/trailblazers Ringworm return with yet another fiery-as-fuck, slab of bludgeoning occult-infused metallic hardcore entitled Snake Church, it seemed as appropriate a time as any to check in with vocalist and hardcore horror memorabilia collector Human Furnace about his favorite dark films to watch during the offstage lulls on tour. 

“Unfortunately, over the last few tours I haven’t been about to watch many films,” Furnace tells Decibel. “Touring as we do, and with band business stuff to see to, it’s really hard to find time. I usually spend a lot of my down time drawing or writing. Our bass player Ed, however, who always has the most cutting edge technology, watches a shit ton of stuff. Never horror though, it frightens him. He’s very sensitive. [Laughs] He’ll usually watch sci-fi — and by sci-fi, I mean he watches the new star wars for the fifty-eighth time.”  

Of course, that isn’t to say he doesn’t have a few suggestions for you. Below see how Furnace handled the impossible task of whittling his picks down to five…

1. John Carpenter’s The Thing

I can definitely say that this film is about as close to a number one as it gets for me. To say that this film sets the absolute precedent for re-makes is an understatement. Yet, it stands completely on it’s own and holds up on every level till this day. Incredible story-telling, character development, mood, and top notch practical effects, make this a horror/sci-fi a film for the ages. 

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Classic. Elegant. And just cool-as-fuck. One of the things that I was always drawn to and separates this from the classic Universal horror monsters is that it’s the only one that’s not human, or ex-human. It’s a true creature that we don’t understand and cannot relate to, yet, he still loves the ladies, ha. I’ve watched this a million times hoping that one time the creature will kill everyone one on the boat for fucking with him, in his own lagoon…and still gets the girl, of course. Once, I had the distinct honor of watching this film in 3D in the theater, while sitting next to and chatting with Ben Chapman, The Creature, himself! Unreal.

The Re-Animator  

An absolute classic mad scientist story. One hundred percent wacky, funny, cornball fun. It’s the kind of movie that makes YOU want to make a movie yourself. That, or work in a morgue.

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Absolutely terrified me as a child. A great low budget zombie film from the fine gentleman that brought you A Christmas Story, no less. An over the top, cheesy slice of 1972. Oh, and as de-sensitized as I am, it still scares me. So, I rarely watch it. 

John Carpenters The Fog

Leper ghost pirates. ‘Nuff said. Another film that tormented me as a child, for many reasons. A criminally underrated classic ghost story with a superb soundtrack.

Via Death by toys. 
Via Death by toys.