Grimposium Presents “Doomed to Death”

For those of you in the greater Montreal area, or who are interested in the some of the more interesting discussions around extreme music, Grimposium will be hosting the second day of “Doomed to Death” today at 4:30 at Co-op Katacombes (1635 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X 2S9).

According to their website, “Grimposium is an international touring festival and conference which brings together musicians, visual artists, journalists, writers and record label executives in the global extreme metal scene.” In other words, think of your usual arts and music festival: panel discussions, films, live performances…but make it metal! Grimposium has held its events in various locations across North America and will be coming to New York City on December 9-10 for New York by Norse.

Yesterday’s portion of the event featured a panel on the economics of extreme music, a death-metal vocals workshop (who wouldn’t benefit from that?!), and a screening of The Blekkmetal Film, which documents a 2015 festival that celebrated the origins of Norwegian Black Metal. Later on, Grimposium also hosted a screening of Death by Metal, the biopic of the late/great Chuck Schuldiner of Death.

Tonight brings a continuation of festivities with performances from Misery Index, Vastum, Vengeful and Cardinal Wyrm. The night promises to be a great mix of death and doom for the entire extreme metal family!

Additionally, Decibel‘s fearless leader, Al Mudrian, and Misery Index’s Jason Netherton will be interviewing Scott Carlson, bassist and vocalist of the legendary Repulsion. Those looking to learn more about the origins and development of death metal and grindcore should definitely try and make it to the event or look out for coverage afterwards (and should pick up a copy of Choosing Death like all the cool kids).

If you’re looking to learn more about Grimposium and its interesting way of investigating the wider themes and implications of extreme metal, here’s a helpful video from 2014: