Insane in the Profane: Full stream of the new Profanatica LP

“We are unwilling to change our style, or thoughts for any reason.”

Those are the words of Paul Ledney, a man all underground metallers of a certain vintage (read: 40s) in the Northeast should be intimately familiar with. A founding member of death metal legends Incantation, Ledney split with the group in 1990 to anchor one of the U.S.’s earliest black metal bands, Profanatica. Though the original incarnation of that act lasted just a couple years—Ledney went on to form the somehow even more bizarre Havohej, which is still operational to this day—Profanatica reactivated at the turn of the millennium and have been cranking out albums of unchanged style and thoughts like clockwork. 

The latest of which, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, just happens to be streaming below. Jam it now and grab a CD, LP or cassette when it’s officially released on Friday (July 22) through the always reliable Hells Headbangers.