Full Album Stream: Lord of War- “Suffer”

It’s the end of the week, time to take all that stress and tension from work/school/life and kick back and relax. Or you could always just pulverize it in a storm of celestial violence. Lord of War is a technical deathcore band from Oceanside, California. And for those of you who like planet-smashing breakdowns and blastbeats, their new album is just what your Friday demands.

Lord of War’s sound is very much in a the vein of Fallujah, The Faceless and Veil of Maya, though one can sense a touch of Despised Icon thrown in as well. Guitarist Alexx Walshaw has a lot to say about the record:

“Dan (Guitar) and I are beyond proud of this record. I know a lot of bands say that, but for us, this was a huge personal struggle to make it all come together. The album took over three years to complete. Over the years since our first release, we’ve sort of been touring non stop, and after awhile band members would get tired or financially stressed and had to back out. Pretty soon after that, it solely just became the two of us. There was a massive low point that we hit, and we thought the band was literally over. We decided to start fresh and give it another shot.”

He also makes a great point that seems to be lost on a lot of technical death metal bands: memorability:

“With ‘SUFFER’ we wanted to make music that we loved hearing from our past influences, that sadly, wasn’t being played much anymore. It seemed as though a lot of bands just weren’t playing raw, heavy music anymore. Certainly nothing that was like memorable or catchy enough to take home from watching bands at shows. We said “fuck that” and set out to get back to making heavy music that was also catchy, while leaving room for the more modern stuff.”

And when you listen to ragers like “Embryo,” I’m sure you’ll see what he means. I tend to like my death metal more straightforward and less well-produced, but songs like this show that the cleaner, more precise methods championed by Lord of War can be just as effective. The title track is pretty nasty too, and I’m impressed with the song title “Carbon Based Genocide” (isn’t that basically what life is, anyway?).

Check out the full album stream below!