Go Huge – Stream New Song From Colosso

You can’t really call your band Colosso if you play anything other than suffocatingly huge death metal.  Or maybe sludgy doom metal… but that’s not the point.  The point here is that Portugal’s Colosso do, in fact, play suffocatingly huge death metal with a subtle technical/experimental twist, and have been doing so for the past five years.  After assembling the crushing Abrasive Peace (and its instrumental twin, Peaceful Abrasiveness) in 2012 and returning for a couple EPs in the last few years, the quintet now prepares to offer their second full-length, somewhat obnoxiously titled Obnoxious, in early September.

You can prepare for the inevitable beatdown you will accept from Colosso by going to their Bandcamp page to study up on their brand of technical weirdness, as well as pressing play right here for a preview of what Obnoxious is all about.  We are premiering the album’s third track, “Of Hollow Judgment,” for your consideration.  Guitarist Max Tomé had this to say about the song:

“This song begins with a riff [guitarist] António [Carvalho] had for a couple of years before. The song was easy to start off, but a bit hard to set its structure because not all of us agreed on it at first. It ended up sounding like the best single to promote the album, because it’s the catchiest one and has almost everything you’ll be able to find throughout the album.”

It’s Tuesday.  Get heavy.

Get more Colosso updates at the band’s Facebook page and their official website.