Through Huge, Hazy Riffs, Earth Ship’s “Hollowed” Contemplates Life, Death, Loss… and Dogs.

Photo: Oskar Szramka
Photo: Oskar Szramka

Earth Ship classifies their genre of music as “Skull crushing, whisky soaked riff power.” We might be inclined to add some points of face-into-the-mud sludge melancholy (only the lighter tracks; asphalt for the rougher ones), which will appeal to fans of Crowbar and other dealers of summer misery. The upcoming fourth full-length from the German four-piece, Hollowed, has a very specific (and introspective) sort of unhappiness that many of us can relate to. Stream the album in it’s entirety below, and get the full story from Earth Ship here:

We started working on Hollowed in the early summer of last year when our beloved doggy and fifth band member Talula was just diagnosed with extremely aggressive cancer from which she died shortly afterwards. When people say “It’s just a dog,” they just don’t understand. Some of our saddest moments were brought about by “just a dog” and led us to write about our own mortality on this album and that is what Hollowed is mainly all about.

The thing people hate most about living their lives is the understanding it’s going to end. An unstoppable private race against time where every single one of us is trying to make their mark before the unseen sand in the hourglass runs out and everything is over and gone, all packed in a dark but very colorful and metaphorical way. Furthermore, there are songs like “Safeguard of Death,” for example, which is dealing with the stupidity of mankind that’s destroying this planet, believing that we’re above all other creatures on earth. Musically, it’s a melancholy rollercoaster of swampy sludge avalanches coupled with heavier, metallic influences and ’90s grunge that definitely brought us to the next level in regards of pushing our boundaries. A wild and exciting power ride from start to finish that we hope you will all enjoy.

Hollowed is available June 24th on Napalm Records. Pre-order here, and keep up with the band via Facebook or their homepage