STREAMING: Centinex “Generation Of Flies”

Since 1990, Sweden’s Centinex, despite a brief breakup, have ruled underground death metal with an iron fist. With stints on labels like Underground Records, Emanzipation Productions, Repulse Records, Candlelight Records, and now Agonia Records, the merchants of death have kept their profile six feet under while continuing to wave the maggot-infested flag of true death metal.

Over the course of Centinex’s savage history, the terrible team, led by stout and fearless Martin Schulman, have bucked trends, continuing on the path set in 1990, even if it means they sound like they’re from 1990. Which is both true and false. The group’s newest album, Doomsday Rituals, is both brutally atavistic yet smart enough to have modern-day qualities. This is death metal with one foot in the distant, glorious past–Schulman was there!–and the other righteously in tune with what it’ll take to keep Centinex running heavy.

“‘Generation of Flies’ is what Centinex is all about. Heavy riffs and brutal vocals, neck-breaking death metal that won’t stop you from HEADBANGING!”, says Schulman from his mosquito-infested vacation in Finland.

Decibel is proud to have the exclusive premiere to the gut-wrenchingly good “Generation Of Flies” off Doomsday Rituals. Allegiance or death! Hail Centinex!

** Centinex’s new album, Doomsday Rituals, is out now on Agonia Records. It’s available HERE under Agonia’s usual myriad of formats and permutations.