Premiere: Step up to BAT with the Full-Album Stream of “Wings of Chains”

The ’80s were rife with NWOBHM and rodents. Amongst other things, of course, like mutants, toxic waste, hightops, glam, big hair, power ballads…. wait, where were we going with this?

Right, what we’re trying to get at here is BAT, your new favorite retro supergroup, featuring Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste, but you knew that already) on vocals/bass, Nick Poulos (Volture) on guitar, and Felix Griffin (D.R.I.) on drums.

The trio’s full-length debut, which follows the Primitive Age demo from 2013 and Cruel Discipline EP from 2015, is available today on Hell’s Headbangers Records. Ryan Waste had the following to say about the debut:

We’ve been waiting to unleash our Wings of Chains for a long while and now it’s time. We expect nothing less than some sore necks after cranking this banger.

One up Mr. Waste by doing some serious, lasting damage with the full album below (we promise it’s adequate listening for such a task). Wings of Chains, out today on Hell’s Headbangers, is available on CD and cassette.

And for more on BAT, check out our profile on the three-piece, found in the July 2016 issue.