The Rise of an Evil Sun: True Black Dawn Premiere

True Black Dawn have been doing Satan’s good work for nearly a quarter century, since the 1992 release of the Hymn to Darkness demo under the name of Nocturnal Feast. Add to that Finland’s penchant for raw, black metal filth, and these guys have got some serious anti-Christian heft (/scene cred).

A name change in 1993 only accelerated the dark worship as the band released the War Against Christians demo, and later the Blood for Satan full-length in 2001 under the moniker of Black Dawn. Unfortunately, due to a legal battle with a different Black Dawn (who do not preach the gospel of most insidious dark lord), a second name change took place to the current, and very suitably descriptive, True Black Dawn.

Undeterred, 2016 sees the release of full-length Come the Colorless Dawn on W.T.C. For anyone not keeping count, this marks the band’s second long-player in their career of almost 25 years, and first in over 15 years. Quite the occassion for a respectfully evil celebration, right?

In addition to a premiere of the title track, we’ve also a got a lyric portrait designed to accompany the song (included after the Soundcloud). True Black Dawn gave us the following, somewhat-cryptic-yet-notably-insightful, description:

The title track embodies all the themes and elements of the album; the arduous journey towards the ashen dawn, the gaping hole in the pale canvas, the path behind paved with shed pieces of self; evolving, and constantly changing, while remaining true to the original essence.

Pre-orders will be available soon via the W.T.C. webstore. Keep up with True Black Dawn via Facebook.

For anyone who didn’t bring reading glasses:

The grey man walks the crooked path
Eyes pecked out, eaten by the vultures
Ears torn, hanging on his shoulders
Legs strong, leading forward
No doubt in his heart

The grey man walks the cunning path
Arms bleeding, blood streaming
Flesh grinning, always mocking
The skin carved with signs
Knowing the way is right

The grey man shuns the rambling pack
Bodies wanting, minds empty
Souls shut, filled with ambiguity
Forlorn and renounced
For them the way is closed

The grey rain whips the barren land
Washing away the path and the blood
Erasing the trail in his wake
Come the ashen dawn
The man is gone