Get Diagnosed with the Avant-garde in this Virus Premiere

In the world of the weird it’s a thin line between innovative and obnoxious. Bands may be both, but that doesn’t really help them, or their listeners, because without function to support form, weird is just weird for the sake of weird. Like a terrible “arthouse” film that just consists of a series of stills of parking lots. Or if you chucked together four puzzles worth of pieces and put them together with your eyes closed. Yeah, maybe you get a new picture, but that new picture has the head of a triceratops, a school bus (for a body?), and some grapes. And some purple thing in the corner…what is that? No seriously, what is that?

Anyway, in contrast, Virus has been making the weird of the top-40-of-the-year, you-gotta-hear-this variety for 15+ years. And before the onset of this particular plague, vocalist/guitarist Czral spread avant-garde infection of the black metal sort with Ved Buens Ende, in addition to numerous others. When we asked him for a quote about this premiere of a track from the band’s upcoming fourth full-length Memento Collider (out June 3rd on Karisma Records), he responded with the following:

“A tribute to extinct instincts and Chernobyl Wildlife.”

Well then. Now while we aren’t completely sure what that means, it seems fitting. Stream below to see how it all makes sense.

Pre-orders are not yet available for Memento Collider, but you can keep up with the label via their homepage. Catch more of the contagion at Virus’ Bandcamp page, or keep up to date via their Facebook.