For those about to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Well, everyone seems to be liking this new Babymetal… not your old feathered friend, Waldo, I’m 100% NOT into gimmick bands. There’s a lot and I mean A LOT of garbage coming out, I mean just some of the band names are enough to make me want to pluck my feathers out… Drive She Said? Gimme a break… Erra, WHAT?  Let’s hope it’s a reference to this sort of thing.

Just to prove that not much is going on, Zakk Wylde, Ace Frehley, AND Lita Ford all have new records coming out so…

You know when you check out a band based on the name alone? Well that’s what beaked (get it? beaked instead of peaked, HA!) my interest in GOATESS and their new record Purgatory Under New Management which is billed as “doom”, and I guess it sort of is. This is more “stoner” and falls closer to acts that tread more in the “hard rock” aspect of this genre. Not my thing at all. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, all of the elements of the genre are here, but this treads that water where the riffs are cool, but not COOL. Call up your drunk uncle, you know the one, and pump this, because he’ll like it. So crack open a Bud, call your uncle and forget about this 10 minutes later. 3 Fucking Pecks

Post hardcore whatever Primitive Weapons are releasing The Future Of Death on Party Smasher Inc. This is the definition of post hardcore, with nods to Botch, Quicksand, Converge, and do I hear a little Turmoil in there? What stands out here is definitely the guitar work, this isn’t some scooped out HM-2 nonsense and actually moves a little bit. The Future Of Death isn’t some amped up mindless assault, and Primitive Weapons seems to take time in writing an actual song. I’m banging my beak a little to this and it’s good, but not amazing. The record as a whole feels like a band that’s trying to find it’s legs, but a band to look out for sure. 5 Fucking Pecks. Peep it here: 

Need a fix of some southern sludge? Well Sourvein is putting out some sort of concept record entitled Aquatic Occult on Metal Blade, and well, it’s a Sourvein record for sure. There are a lot of collaborators involved here which makes the whole effort feel a little disjointed and there’s a low end aspect that’s missing, as the riffs are good, but don’t really smack you in the dick like one would hope (note: I do NOT want to be smacked in the dick). There IS a song called “Avian Dawn” which is pretty pecking awesome. Even though Sourvein has been around forever there are much better sludge records that have come out this year, even though this probably SLAYS live. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Well, that’s it for now, holla atcha boy in two weeks.