Everything is Fire: Album Premiere of Mantar’s “Ode to the Flame”

photo: Tim Klöcker
photo: Tim Klöcker

North German duo Mantar have a thing for destroying stuff by fire. Their debut full-length, 2014’s Death by Burning, roasted away all the unnecessary to create a raw, straight-forward stomp of blackened doom punk that made for existential inquiry to the tune of a punchy beat.

Sophomore Ode to the Flame spreads that inferno, scorching through 40+ minutes of atmosphere-drenched vitriol. Or, if that sounds like way too much talking and not enough headbanging, ignore our description and stream the full album below to be scorched/crushed back to the primordial muck of prehuman existance.  

 Ode to the Flame will be released on April 15th via Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders are currently available in vinyl (limited to 1,000), digipack, and digpack-shirt combo. Keep the Mantar fire raging via FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.



Release date: 4/15