Start the Week Weird: Schammasch Video Premiere from 3-Disc “Triangle”

Swiss avant-garde/black metallers Schammasch specialize in the unorthodox, and, if that picture wasn’t indication enough, they take it to the next level. Not just strange for the sake of strange though, but for the sake of never-heard-that-before moments that make for a compelling, though-provoking, and cerebral listening experience.

Below we’ve got the video stream of “Maelstrom,” a small slice of the gigantic Triangle. The release is Schammasch’s third full-length, and consists of three individual pieces, each 33:30 in running time: Part I: “The Process of Dying”; Part II: “Metaflesh”; and Part III: “The Supernal Clear Light of the Void”. The premiered track, “Maelstrom,” is from that third part, and features imagery from Decibel favorite Ester Segarra and graphic designer Valnoir (check out this work here).

Triangle will be released April 29th on Prosthetic Records, and is available for pre-order in triple vinyl (limited to 666 copies), three-cd slipcase (limited to 2,000 copies), and digital download. For more of the album, check out Schammasch’s Bandcamp where two additional tracks are streaming, and keep up with them via Facebook.