Get Filthy: Coffin Dust Song Premiere

Coffin Dust have no need for subtlety, as it gets in the way of their self-described “nightmare thrashing terror death.” If you combine this with a band roster that includes Slime on “Pick axe and mucous,” Bone Daddy as “Cellar Dwellar,” Eerie Steve on “Chainsaws and garrot wire,” and Danny Disgustor as “Casket pounding,” it’s clear the debauchery and gore will be a-flying.

As these guys seemed to have the descriptions under control, we’re going to let vocalist/guitarist Matt Slime (ex-Exhumed) introduce this track premiere:

“The Living Coffin” is one of our shorter, more to the point songs. We wanted to hit hard with heavy melody, and also keep it crushing! This is absolutely one of my favorites. The lyrics can really pertain to any soul sucking entity in one’s life, but take them as you will. I love for the lyrical content to be open to interpretation…

Everything is Dead, the second full-length from the grave-robbing bunch, will be bringing genereal degredation to speakers on May 16th via Unholy Anarchy Records, and features a cover of the Slayer classic “Metal Storm/Face The Slayer.” You can keep up with them via Facebook, and check out past releases of their “depraved cemetery metal” (two splits, an EP, and the 2014 full-length This Cemetary, My Kingdom) at their Bandcamp.