Album Premiere: Necrot’s “The Labyrinth” Compiles Death of the Rotting (and Excellent) Kind

By dissecting the name of Oakland, CA Necrot it’s easy to get an accurate depiction of the band. Familiar elements are combined with enthusiasm and exceptional skill to create a total package that stands apart. How so?

Let’s look at the specifics: the commonly found “necro” and “rot” are combined to create the short but tremendously punchy band name. Similarly, on The Labyrinth the classic bursting-at-the-seams, crawling-from-the-grave-still-decaying sound meets ripping, memorable songs. This creates something that doesn’t redefine the genre, but nails that new old-school vibe we all crave. And the songs have been properly demoed and refined — this debut full-length features tracks re-recorded from the bands demos Necrot and Into the Labyrinth, as well as the 2014 EP The Abyss.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Below, stream the full album, which will be released on April 15th via Tankcrimes. Or skip right to the pre-orders — you won’t be disappointed, especially at the “nice price” of only $6.66 for CDs (available only until April 12th!). The Labyrinth is also available in eye-catching vinyl (seriously, it rules), and cassette via Sentient Ruin in the US. Tour dates below.

NECROT w/ Skullshitter:
4/28/2016 Disk Bar – Providence, RI
4/29/2016 Katacombs – Montreal, QC
4/30/2016 Rocking Buffalo Saloon – Buffalo, NY
5/01/2016 New Dodge Lounge – Detroit, MI
5/02/2016 Best Friends Bar – Lexington, KY
5/03/2016 North Side Yacht Club – Cincinnati, OH
5/05/2016 Livewire – Chicago, IL
5/06/2016 Gooskis – Pittsburgh, PA
5/07/2016 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
5/08/2016 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
5/13/2016 The Clinic – New Brunswick, NJ
5/14/2016 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
5/15/2016 Millcreek Tavern – Philadelphia, PA