Dying Fetus’ Top 5 Live Death Metal Bands

Choosing Death Fest goes down April 16 at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer. To celebrate, we’re asking some of the artists performing to list some very specific “death metal top 5s.” Headliners Dying Fetus have 25 years of crushing music on their resume, which translates to an expert opinion on the acts that always bring the blood, beer, bile, blasphemy and other b-words. Hence, here are drummer Trey Williams’ top 5 death metal acts to see live.  


They were already impressive live, but now it’s chaos with the addition of Jason on vocals! Speed!


Every time I see them I end up with a smile on my face.  Fun.

Cattle Decapitation:

They are coming up with next level grind. So creative. 

Misery Index: 

Our home state brothers. They bring the intensity. 


A great stage show and another great group of guys to tour with. 


Catch Dying Fetus with Nails, Deceased, Derkéta, Horrendous, Noisem, and Horrendous in the live at Choosing Death Fest on April 16th (tickets only $22!). While you’re in the neighborhood, expand your brain at Choosing Death Fest: Grimposium before banging your head, and catch the last date of the Decibel Tour on the night before Choosing Death Fest to make for an extremely extreme weekend.