Stream “Kaleidoscopic Orgies” from Upcoming Imperial Triumphant EP (+Interview!)

NYC black metallers Imperial Triumphant aren’t afraid to cross genre lines or address taboo subjects, as indicated with their upcoming EP Inceste. Consisting of members of Pyrrhon, Aritifical Brain, and Malignancy, the quintet (+ guests) utilizes elements of death, doom, jazz, avant-garde, classical and more to create a feeling of unease and dread that few bands even approach. Inceste is to be released April 15th on Redefining Darkness Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Stream “Kaleidoscopic Orgies” below, and read what the band had to say about the EP, including the title, the cover, the lyrical subject matter, and the constantly changing (yet always disquieting) music atop it all. 

Can you explain the EP’s title, and in particular, the connection to Marquis de Sade?

The theme of this record is based on the works of Marquis de Sade. However this isn’t a concept album but rather we took one idea and went in as many directions with it as we could. Naming the title the French word for incest made sense as de Sade is the father of sadism. 

How does that relate to the lyrical subject matter?

Marquis de Sade’s themes of incest, rape, pedophilia and sexual torture are present in lyrics and music. The sound of this record is extremely dynamic with quiet slippery sections and suffocating fortissimo. The listener should feel completely unprepared and unnerved. 

What’s the story behind the album art?

The photo was taken by the photographer Alex Krauss. The idea was to create discomfort in the viewer without actually presenting anything vulgar. When you combine a simple nude photo with a word that clearly translates to incest, the viewer is going to mentally fill in the gaps and create the dark story. 

Previous full-length Abyssal Gods was also recorded with Colin Marston. Why did you choose to work with him again on Inceste

We always have and always will work with Colin Marston. He’s the best and he knows exactly what we want. 

The EP boasts some unorthodox elements (saxophone, choirs, etc.), in addition to pulling from myriad subgenres. What’s the motivation to include such diverse elements? 

The diversity of this record is the fundamental concept behind Imperial Triumphant. The band from New York City must sound like New York City. And there’s no place on earth more culturally diverse than here.

How has the reaction been live?

The live show keeps growing. The music needs a visual companion and we are constantly building on that. 

The band has been receiving some exceptionally positive press. What’s next? 

We would love to tour Europe. And of course we will begin to prepare the next full length. The third full length will be a true maturation in our sound. I’m really looking forward to it. 

What are your thoughts on black metal nowadays, both US and elsewhere?

Black metal is growing just as I expected it would. Modern black metal is going to be just like modern classical: headed toward deconstruction and dissonance. It’s exciting to see all these amazing bands pushing the envelope further and further. It feels like a healthy competition.