Exclusive Death Metal Song Premiere: Pugatoire Bring the Heaviness from Quebec

Quebec’s Purgatoire (yes, that is “purgatory” in French) cite all the right influences, with big nods to the classics of Obituary, Grave, Bolt Thrower, and older Cannibal Corpse. However, debut full-length Passé Décomposé (Past Decomposed) doesn’t just revel in repetition, but rather brings the classic, skull-crushing vibe of the old school into a modern point of sonic depravity.

Pre-orders are now availabe through PRC Music, with release dates of May 20th in the US and May 27th in Canada. Check out the auditory violence via the stream of “Des Siecles a décimer” below, and the accompanying visual assualt found on the album cover. These guys get how to make some nasty death metal — certainly some sick stuff to end the week with. Keep up with them on Facebook for more updates.