Get Excited to Get Sick: Song Premiere from Inherit Disease

Summer colds are the worst. The absolute worst. Once the weather starts to get warmer it should be some unwritten rule that cold and flu season is done. Like the two-day hangover, someone needs to make illegal that particular crime against humanity.

Inherit Disease bring a different kind of sickness into your life, one that may actually make you happier instead of totally miserable. With the basement-dwelling low heaviness of the most offensive of brutal death metal, yet enough labyrnthine riff complexity to get your GPS lost, the band’s upcoming third full-length Ephemeral appeals to the inner caveman and physicist within us all.

Below, get your brain exploded and your skull imploded (simultaneously?) with this premiere of “Divergence,” the third track from the aforementioned death metal crusher, which is to be released April 8th on Unique Leader. You can pre-order it here — we assure you this sort of sickness is much better than that summer cold.