STREAMING: October Tide “Nursed by the Cold”

“This song represents the album quite well and what October Tide is all about,” says vocalist Alexander Högbom. “It breathes the coldness of Grey Dawn and mixes it with the present. It’s 100% October Tide”

For October Tide fans, Högbom’s mention of Grey Dawn is likely to delight. But this song is more than just a revisit to an album few people have heard (and it’s likely out of print). “Nursed by the Cold” has everything October Tide has pondered, created, and purveyed (lots of overwhelming sadness) to date. It has Fred Norrman’s signature melancholic sound (with sideman Emil Alstermark picking up the slack). And it has October Tide’s penchant for the dreary, the overcast, and the hopeless. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope, but it’s almost always just a glimmer.

So, dive into “Nursed by the Cold”. Few bands engage, connect, and hit so (emotionally) hard as October Tide. Viva emptiness! Or, is that celebrate what it’s like to be a discouraged one?! We’ll take both.

** October Tide’s new album, Winged Waltz, is out April 22nd on Agonia Records. A superb array of packages are available HERE for pre-order.