Horrendous to Open Baltimore Date of 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour

From February 1 until February 12, we’ll be announcing regional openers for select dates of the 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour every day at noon EST. Get your tickets here!

Nobody fuses progressive elements with OSDM like the men behind Anareta, our favorite album of 2015. Deci-accolades aside, guitarist/vocalist Damian Herring keeps it modest: “People should show up early to see our set so they can hear what we’re all about,” he says. “We are a very underground band that hasn’t been on tour before, so live appearances are a bit of a rarity. This is a chance for many people to find out who we are.” Herring himself is excited to scope the gents behind our second-favorite album of 2015, Tribulation: “I really enjoy their music and how they’ve evolved over time.”