BLK OPS To Open Austin Date of 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour

From February 1 until February 12, we’ll be announcing regional openers for select dates of the 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour every day at noon EST. Get your tickets here!

Grindcore outlaws Kill the Client did Dallas proud through 2010’s Set for Extinction, and we can’t wait to see frontman Champ Morgan unload the “mind-altering psychological warfare” of new trio BLK OPS. “We started this band to crush minds and blow up eardrums,” Morgan says. “We are changing the game and throwing preconceptions out the window. If you’re into that, then we are here to lay the law down (early).” With a no-bullshit attitude like that, you can see why Morgan’s “ready to see High on Fire. I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning.”