Divinity: Back Where They Belong?

If the name Divinity is an unfamilar one, you’d be forgiven for your ignorance. Have you tried to familiarize yourself with every band out there? It’s a bit of a tough task, even when the band in question has spent time on both the rosters of Nuclear Blast and Candlelight. This bunch of tech/melodic death miscreants from Calgary saw their 2008 debut, Allegory issued by Nuclear Blast. After that deal went south, 2009’s The Singularity saw the light of day via the folks at Candlelight. These days, Divinity is back to independent status and is presently set to release the second part of a planned EP trilogy entitled The Immortalist, Pt. 2: Momentum themselves as the follow up to The Immortalist, Pt. 1: Awestruck. Today, we present an advance stream of Momentum for your listening pleasure/curiosity/powerlifting accompaniment/background distraction. 

Lead vocalist Sean Jenkins comments: “This new release is part two of a trilogy EP concept we’ve been working on since 2013. These four new songs continue to develop our storyline of ‘The Immortalist’ and we look forward to finishing our trilogy EP with a release of part three by the end of this year. The song ‘DMT’ features guest vocals by Björn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork and we think he did an amazing performance. Thanks to the pro mixing/mastering skills of Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) at The Grid. We couldn’t be more happy with how this entire EP turned out.”

Which is all fine and good and congratulations on the fruits of your labour coming to pass, but anyone with a pulse wants to know a bit more about what life is like after the dissolution of contracts with two of the biggest labels in our little world. Says Jenkins: “At the time, signing with Candlelight for our second album was a really good thing as it kept the band in worldwide metal scene after parting ways with Nuclear Blast. Our deal with Candlelight was set for 12 months and they did a decent job of lining up interviews, reviews, and we ended up selling nearly 2000 physical CDs in that time. But, like Nuclear Blast, Candlelight felt the sales weren’t quite high enough and the support faded away. We don’t blame anyone for why the deal never really took off because the reality is getting signed is one thing, but staying signed is a whole other ball game. The financial support required is immense and very difficult to sustain. This goes for bands and labels. In the end, we are grateful to have had these record deal experiences, but we’ve come to realize that we just want to focus on the music and doing what we can independently.”

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