Wolves at the Revelry: Deströyer 666’s Chant a “Hymn to Dionysus”

Deströyer 666 have returned from their den of grimpiety to vanquish all pretenders to the throne of blackened thrash supremacy. “The Sexual Antichrist” KK Warslut leads a refreshed crew of international thrashssassins. A Swede herein known as “Vox Perra” is the man behind all precision explosives. A notoriously conspicuous Englishman, also party to such acts as Cruciamentum and Grave Miasma, called “Vox Ro” under the wolf’s sigil, shreds abreast the man from Oz. And holding it all together, straight from the pocket, a polymetal Chilean known as “Felipe” on bass.

Check out “Hymn to Dionysus” below, courtesy of forthcoming album Wildfire, which drops February 26 on Season of Mist. (Preorder here.)