Streaming: Funeral Moth’s “Transience”

Makoto Fujishima spends his days running the eclectic Japanese Label Weird Truth Productions (home to worthwhile bands including Worship, Mournful Congregation, Funeral Moth, Ataraxie, Funeralium, Profetus, Dea Marica, Indesinence and more). But he’s also in on the action with his doom metal band Funeral Moth, which has been releasing music for more than a decade.

Weird Truth will be releasing Funeral Moth’s new album Transience on March 13. That’s the cover above; it feels a little more like a meditation album than doom. Fear not because the shit is heavy. We got a hold of the 20-minute plus title track, which we’re streaming below. 

And what should we expect? “Tremendous agony in which we suffer on our transient mortal life; feeling of loss, endless sorrow, sense of emptiness and remorse. This album is dedicated to the voiceless dead who had returned to the tranquil ocean with mortal agony.”

In other words: get down with the weirdness. You can also learn more about Funeral Moth and the label.