Where Was Metal in 1991?

Decibel is fueled by love for metal’s storied history, and we’re taking our responsibility as historians to the next level with the inaugural Decibel Yearbook, celebrating all things 1991. 

Twenty-five years ago, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and Skid Row dominated the charts, while underground labels like Earache and Roadrunner improbably infiltrated the mainstream. We bring you not only the comprehensive story of that pivotal year in extreme music, but the top 30 albums of 1991 and Sepultura’s record third Hall of Fame, for Arise. Even the Flexi Series nods to the past, as post-punk supergroup Publicist UK covers Tori Amos’ “Precious Things,” recorded in 1991 for her Little Earthquakes debut. 

Head off to Never Never Land, and celebrate 1991 in the March issue.