Wolvserpent Premiere, Because It’s What You Deserve

When Blake Green makes music, it’s cause for excitement.  Well, maybe “excitement” is the wrong word, but definitely some focused preparation for a session of deep metaphysical contemplation and the expulsion of the ego into the tattered void.  Or something.  His Aelter project has been fascinating to follow, and his consistent collaboration with Brittany McConnell on Wolvserpent (once known unflatteringly as Pussygutt) has been equally intriguing.

This March, Wolvserpent release their next dark expedition in the form of a single-track 40-minute EP called Aporia:Kāla:Ananta.  This morning we get to bring you a sample of the new material, so kick back, dig in, or do whatever you do when it’s time to hear idiosyncratic new doom.

You can pre-order a physical copy from Relapse Records here, or order a digital copy here at Bandcamp.  Feel free to check them out on Facebook, too.