Ringing in the New Year Short and Sweet-like With Gomorrah

We’re pretty sure you want to spend your time today hanging with family and friends, stocking up on all sorts of imbibables or preparing for a raging night out on the town, so in the interest of all that, we’ll keep today’s introduction to Kelowna, British Columbia’s Gomorrah short and sweet. The new school, tech death metal kiddos have their second album, The Haruspex, set to shoot out of the cannon on January 15th courtesy of Test Your Metal Records. Instead of getting into a long-winded and historical bunch of hullabaloo about their originally forming as a black metal band in 2006 and their previous releases, we’ll let your ears do the decoding before you get too shit-hammered on this traditional day of shit-hammering and everything you hear is a hallucination falling somewhere between, “are you all right, man?” and “this is the guy. I loooove this guy!”

Even vocalist Jeff Bryan got into the spirit of brevity and having better places to be when we asked for a synopsis of “Nine Kings of Sulphur,” the song we’re premiering today:

“Nine Kings of Sulphur was the second-last track we wrote for the record and it written very impromptu. We didn’t do many revisions of it and I did all the vocals freestyle in the studio, but the finished product makes me want to heave a body into a chasm.”

So, Happy New Year to one and all and enjoy this Gomorrah before going out and creating your own later tonight.