Nachtzeit Interviewed

This Decibel scribe has always fallen horned-head-over-cloven-heels for the frozen-horror lullabies crafted under the Lustre moniker.  The man behind that project, code name Nachtzeit, has been involved with lots of other bands with various metallic leanings, though I still have yet to hear that material.

Until now.  In about three weeks, Nachtzeit will release an EP of self-proclaimed regressive black metal that strips any conceit of beauty or complexity from his other work and rages bleakly in the northern darkness.  We now present to you the lead track from the new EPDär Föddes En Längtan, as well as commentary on this new work by the man himself.  Let lo-fi black metal live in your heart every day of the year!

After so much time making music for Lustre, what made you decide to work on this different project?
I have had lots and lots of projects beside Lustre throughout the years. I decided to record this EP simply because I got inspired to do so. I’m afraid that’s the only way I can explain it really.

Is there any significance to your decision to use your personal recording name for this music?
Not really. I have thought about recording something under the name Nachtzeit for a few years, and it just felt right this time.

Why did you decide to release a short EP rather than compile enough material for a full-length?
I actually tried making it a full-length, but I never really succeeded writing additional material that had the same sound and feeling as the songs you can hear on the EP.

Do you feel that the music on the Nachtzeit EP comes from a different emotional/musical place than Lustre?
Yes, I suppose you could say it does. Nachtzeit really is based on simple guitar riffing and bass lines, while Lustre is something different entirely. Emotionally as well.

Are you still writing material in this style? Do you have ideas for how far you would like to take this music?
I have some material for a possible future full-length album. The music of this project surely won’t change much. That is kind of the whole idea with Nachtzeit, to regress rather than progress.

Do you play your material for live audiences?
I don’t have any plans on doing that.