STREAMING: Vorkreist “Losing Sanity Key”

“Chaotic and weak lives, from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust,” claims Vorkreist to Decibel when it became apparent we’d be streaming their haunting new track, ‘Losing Sanity Key’. “What appeared so intense and bright soon fades away into oblivion and bitter haze. Human fears this black hole beyond us sucking our lives… There is a way to win, as She did. To give a life a meaning, by following a direction. This direction is Lower. It requires madness, by losing sanity key. With a new strength to overcome death. Through Sacrifice.”

Likely, you’re wondering who ‘She’ is. And why is ‘Sacrifice’ capitalized? These are mysteries that will remain unsolved. Until eternity ends. See, Vorkreist, featuring current axemen of Merrimack and former Glorior Belli slayers, aren’t terribly gregarious. They live and breathe black metal and relish in its festering tenets, appearing only every few years to pollute the light and corrupt mankind into fits of chaos and bouts of depravity.

Let’s celebrate Freyja’s day with Vorkreist. Let loose the key to sanity before the weekend.

** Vorkreist’s new EP, Sacrifice, is available for pre-order HERE. It’ll be available only on vinyl in splatter and black configurations. Worship the Lord of the Unlight, follow unquestioned Vorkreist.