Swedish BM Trio Grafvitnir Wolf Out on “Varulvsnatt”

Willfully obscure Swedish black metal trio Grafvitnir are poised to release their third full-length, Necrosophia, on Daemon Worship Productions, December 22. (No word on if they plan to follow it up with Necrosophia’s Choice, but fingers upside-down crossed).

Your only option is to listen to “Varulvsnatt,” one of seven compositions “dealing with the vast enigma of the Beyond and the opening of the eye of Lucifer. Scandinavian Occult Black Metal, anthems to the Lycanthropic essence and the Serpentine Mysteries.” The band collectively elaborates: “Trickling with ancient Nordic callousness, Grafvitnir’s homage to the lycanthropic essence is revealed. ‘Varulvsnatt’ deals with the beckoning of the blood to heed the yearnful call of the darkest regions of the soul and with eyes burning with ferocity tread the trail of the Werewolf into the kingdom of the Night.” Stream below and preorder here.