The ultra-powerful, gorgeous-by-way-of-harrowing, otherworldly debut album from Staghorn Parousia I/ Kismet II tells the tale of “an inverse world in which humans are at the mercy of animals.”

Here’s the mission statement the band sent along to Decibel when further queried as to the size, shape, and character such an alternate dimension might take:

In this post apocalyptic story, the Animal Kingdom have become aware that humans are no longer a part of the world community. For as long as modern civilization has existed within a social construct, mankind has enacted a role above nature. The songs speak of animals taking vengeance for tens of thousands of years of abuse, mistreatment, enslavement, and genocide. This is a story of putting yourself in their shoes (paws, hoofs, etc…). Our message is simple: To live in symbiosis with nature and animals. We must create a sustainable future, or our species is truly doomed. We strive to be as the Staghorn fern, living minimally and one with our carbon-based friends in nature.

Well, for a bunch of ferns, Staghorn certainly knows how to rock the fuck out as our exclusive premiere of “Trins Chado Ocho Rio” demonstrates:

In order to put all of this righteous rage and sonic triumph into historical context, we asked Staghorn if they would perhaps be willing to put together a playlist of animal rights songs that had an impact on them sonically, philosophically or otherwise.

The band graciously agreed, sending along the following list that is basically perfect save for the Earth Crisis, OKD, Into Another, and YOT/Shelter omissions….

Gorilla Biscuits — “Cats And Dogs”

Gorilla Biscuits has long been an early punk influence for me, and they were not afraid to speak their minds in a direct and intelligible way. This song speaks out directly to our ironic love for some animals and not others.

Captive Bolt — “Property Of None”

Fast, aggressive and to the point, Captive Bolt lets you know, we don’t OWN animals to be manufactured like objects for our own consumption.

Most Precious Blood — “Diet For A New America”

This song encompasses the industry of oppression that humans created to mass produce murder and turn a profit on the lives of tens of thousands of animals every single day. There is a call to arms to defend the innocent and protect from the insane machine.

Propagandhi — “Apparently, I’m A ‘P.C. Fascist’ (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)”

I love this song because it is an answer to all the assholes out there that defend ignorance and fight progressive thought. We need to ask questions and not be complacent within the system they constructed. No one is perfect but at least we are fucking trying and working toward a better tomorrow. Why not start with “stop eating animals.”

Cattle Decapitation — “To Serve Man”

I chose this song and this band for the intense brutality and straight forward imagery of the brutality of the slaughter and consumption of animals. This song depicts humans being consumed in the same ways society devours animals. Maybe we will understand if we put ourselves under the knife and see how it feels.

Band Of Mercy — “Conquest”

This song is a call to arms, relentless, and with conviction. This is a fight song. That no matter what we will press forward and change the world and defend the voiceless and the sentient beings.

Civilization — “Six Billion”

Civilization was a short lived band with a heavy live sound and a strong animal rights message that was backed with much integrity and knowledge.