Stream New Un: “Through the Luminous Dusk”

It’s hardly been a… um… slow year for slothful metal.  From Ahab to Bell Witch to our Finnish friends in Skepticism and Tyranny, extreme doom has flown its banner high and proud in 2015, flapping languidly in solemn breeze.  In solidarity with the aforementioned, while offering a sound quite different from all the others, relative newcomers Un throw their funereal hat in the ring with next month’s debut full-length, The Tomb of all Things.  While we think a band called Un really could have struck gold with the title Negation is Just the Beginning, this band probably isn’t interested in tacky puns.  (Get it?  P-Un-s…)

The quartet blend crusty tone, thick hum and lingering melancholy melodies perfect for a midnight stroll through a personal cosmic abyss, while also answering the perennial question: “What is Monte McCleery, the bassist from Samothrace, up to these days?”  He’s up to Un, but on guitars and vocals here.

Today we bring you the fourth track from their righteous new record.  Of “Through the Luminous Dusk,” Monte McCleery says, “Like a lot of our songs, this track deals with the struggles of identity and breaking down internal barriers to find out who we really are.  Lyrically, this song was largely inspired by Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.  In the issue ‘The Burial,’ we watch as the monster comes to terms with his fate, both literally and figuratively burying the fragmented remains of his former self.  The imagery to us was very potent and I think rings true to something we all experience every day:  Death and Rebirth.”

You like?  Get over to Black Bow Records’ merch site to pre-order the album, find out what’s going on with the band at Facebook, and get down with you slow self.