Get Your Ivories Tickled with the Keyboard Shredding Math-Prog of Spacebag

Every goddamn day you hear that some band is doing something new and different and trailblazing in the metal scene, and pretty much every goddamn time that turns out to be a lie.

So let me assure you that this is new and different and just holy shit is it impressive.

Spacebag is a Seattle instrumental three-piece consisting of drums, guitar and keyboard that pull off a truly singular and wonderfully odd combination of arena rock bombast, prog rock complexity, noise rock abrasiveness and at one point there’s the “dun-dun” from Law & Order.

Consisting of ex-members of Rorschach, Kiss it Goodbye, Asva and Girth, it’s no real surprise they were able to pull this kind of thing off, but that doesn’t make the music any less surprising. Dig in.