Hex Is Natural, Hex Is Fun for Curse of the North

Seattle-based stoner/sludge supergroup Curse of the North features Nick Cates (ex-3 Inches of Blood), Burke Thomas (Vendetta Red and Duff McKagen’s Loaded) and Christaan Morris (studio owner/producer/engineer). Curse of the North I, mixed by the ubiquitous Kurt Ballou, is all set to drop this Friday on Static Tension. 

Curse of the North I draws inspiration and pays homage to classic metal bands of the ’70s,” says Morris. “The concept of the record deals with change, force, power, oppression, courage and conflict and the constructive/destructive aspects of them. Using the suit of swords tarot card archetypes within the lyrics, the songs all represent different cards and their meanings. The album cover is the two swords representing acknowledgement of the difficulty of these conflicts and decisions, and how even when we are bold, we are blind to the outcome of our choices.” 

Listen below and preorder the album here.