Grizzlor Works Against the Weekend on “Sundays Are Stupid”

Church sucks, but football is rad, but then going to work the next day blows, but then watching Walking Dead is cool… it’s hard to say just how we feel about Sundays. New Haven noise trio Grizzlor, however, says fuck all of that, “Sundays Are Stupid.” It’s a hot track from the seven-song Cycloptic 7-inch dropping on Hex at the end of the month on red and white vinyl. Jam it below and catch them on tour circa the release date.

As for just what the hell this song is about, the band explains: “What we wanted to do for this record was write a bunch of songs all under two minutes that were short and to the point, but still packed with some good ol’ crunchy riffage. This one’s called ‘Sundays Are Stupid,’ and was most likely written on a Sunday, I can’t remember for sure. It’s basically an ode to those days when you have absolutely nothing to do and not a worry in the world, but for some reason you still feel anxious as shit and everything just sucks. For the people that understand, they’ll get it. For the people that don’t, it’s still better than writing songs about girls.”

Boston 10/29/15 @ O’Brien’s w/ Bardus
Syracuse 10/30/15 @ Spark w/ Bardus