Generate Cranial Fractures With New Fractal Generator

DIY Canadian rampagers Fractal Generator have just self-released a thermal detonator of an album through their Bandcamp site.  Apotheosynthesis is an atmospheric tech death monstrosity that batters ears and uplifts the soul… or is it the other way ’round?  In any case, the Sudbury, Ontario three-piece thunder through speakers with a formidable command of their instruments and chosen style.  Their promo photo shows only their backs, they are credited by 12-digit code rather than by name, but that’s okay.  They’re music’s not about them, anyway.  It’s all about you, and your eventual absorption into the vast cooling void.  But, in the immortal words of LeVar Burton, don’t take my word for it.  (Cue three-note jingle now.)  While you listen to the album in the stream below, hear what these non-humans had to say about their band and their music.


What are the personalities/backgrounds that make up FG? How did you first start playing together?

Me (040118180514) and 040114090512 are brothers and have been playing in bands together forever. We met 102119200914 through the local metal scene, where he was playing in the band Fleshcraft.

What first drove you toward the heavy, complex style of music you play?

It feels like we’ve always been into heavy, complex music. Apotheosynthesis is an amalgamation of all of our favourite elements of death metal and black metal, with an experimental approach.

How much have you performed FG music live? What have those experiences been like? We’ve played a handful of shows since getting the live lineup together almost a year ago. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences so far and the crowd response has been awesome.

When did you decide it was time to record Apotheosynthesis? Over what period of time did that happen, and what were those sessions like?

We whipped up some demos in our studio with programmed drums and knew right away we had to get recording. However, since it was a new project, it took a lot of jamming together as a band before we were ready. We didn’t really get started recording until the beginning of 2015.

Are there parts of the new album that you’re most excited about or proud of, either regarding the composition or the performances?

Some of us might have some favourite parts but mostly we’re really proud and excited about the entire album. We try really hard not to release anything that we’re not proud of.

What kinds of music (metal or not) are inspiring you right now? What do you choose to listen to most often?

040118180514 -My listening habits are pretty random. I guess I’m mostly into post-rock, prog rock, black metal, atmospheric death metal, gothic metal, classical, ambient music, etc. In terms of death metal specifically, I really dig the new(ish) album Coloured Sands by Gorguts040114090512- lately it’s mostly technical and atmospheric death metal, i.e. the Faceless, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Mirrorthrone, etc.

102119200914 – Mostly death metal, black metal and ambient drone, i.e. Myrkskog, Pantheon I,  Alrakis, Sabled Sun etc.

Are there any philosophical or conceptual ideas that influenced Apotheosynthesis?

Apotheosynthesis takes influence from a lot of science fiction stories and concepts. In a way it’s sort of a concept album. The songs all follow a loose futuristic storyline in a universe where humans have destroyed their home planet and have to look to space for a new home. The album explores their journey to Mars and beyond.

What are your hopes for FG in the near future? Far future? Distant future when humans are but a memory buried deep in the neural pathways of self-replicating machines?

All we really hope for in the near future is to be able to continue doing what we’re doing, and have fun doing it. As for the distant future, we can only hope that our music becomes a sort of erotica that robots listen to while “self replicating”.