STREAMING: Revocation “Summon the Spawn”

“‘Summon The Spawn’ was one of the first songs that we ever recorded and it ended up being the opening track on our debut demo of the same name,” says Revocation axe-slayer Dave Davidson. “It’s a fast, thrashy song with some weird twists and turns to throw the listener off guard. This one was a bit of a fan favorite in our local scene back in the day and I still hear people call out for us play it on recent tours that we’ve done.”

As for why “Summon the Spawn” is re-appearing now, some years later on a highly visible metal label, well, Revocation and Metal Blade are reissuing debut album, Empire of The Obscene, with the Summon the Spawn demo tacked on for good measure, which is pretty awesome ’cause the original pressings of Empire of The Obscene and Summon the Spawn are long sold out.

“Back in 2008 we self-released our debut record Empire of The Obscene only pressing 1,000 copies at the time, now thanks to the good folks at Metal Blade and the demand of our fans it will be available worldwide!” continues Davidson. “We are very excited to finally give this record a proper release and can’t wait for everyone to hear the newly remixed and remastered tunes courtesy of Pete Rutcho. We’re also including the elusive Summon The Spawn demo from 2006 as well as newly revamped cover art to make this release extra special.”

Indeed, Decibel’s psyched as Revocation are incredible to premiere (sort of) early killer “Summon the Spawn”! Make Monday amazing by clicking on the Soundcloud link below. We’ve done it 10 times already.

** Revocation’s Empire of the Obscene (including the Summon the Spawn demo) will be issued November 13th on Metal Blade Records. Click HERE for the pre-order. Do it now if incredibly talented bands fit in your sweet spot.