PREVIEW: Wolfheart “Fire & Ice” [Decibel Flexi Series]

Decibel is proud to announce the trailer to Wolfheart’s “Fire & Ice” for the upcoming Decibel Flexi Series. This amazing track of melancholic death will be the insert (on snow white and ice blue plastic!) to our December 2015 issue, which may or may not feature more than one Finnish band on its cover or in its inside pages.

When we approached Wolfheart leader Tuomas Saukkonen (ex-Black Sun Aeon, ex-Before the Dawn) about contributing he was more than willing. Ever productive, our man put this song together for the Flexi Series.

Here’s what our Saukkonen had to say about “Fire & Ice”: “Since Shadow World was mixed and mastered already in October 2014 and [we] had to sit on top the album for a while because of the re-release of our debut. It was extremely cool to get to record a new stuff right around the time of the Shadow World release. The song is inspired by the winter war between Finland and Russia 1939-1940. Just a glimpse to the statistics below will convince you that our grandfathers and their fathers were true bad asses. They were fighting literally between fire and ice, heavily outnumbered, but did not let Russians invade Finland”.

OK, enough by-the-numbers death and destruction. Let’s dive into the fire and celebrate with ice! Bring on Wolfheart!

**Wolfheart’s new album, Shadow World, is out now on Spinefarm Records. It’s available HERE.