The Doom is in the Digital

Feeling depressed that summer has come to an end? Drop out of life with Decibel — and smartphone! — in hand. Your darkest prayers have been answered: the Top 100 Doom Metal Albums of All Time issue is now available via Apple for iPhone and iPad.

This one-of-a-kinda issue features an authoritative and exhaustive history of doom metal, spanning six decades (!) of proto-doom, funeral doom, gothic doom, stoner doom melodic doom and various other tremendously cheery offshoots. Our (digital) monolith is built upon 100 percent never-before-seen exclusive content and a countdown of the most essential doom metal albums in history, as well as an exclusive Hall of Fame on Cathedral classic The Ethereal Mirror.

Download the Decibel container app here, which will enable you to purchase the Doom Metal special issue.

Doom or be doomed!