Exclusive Premiere: Horrendous “Sum of All Failures”

Young death metal trio Horrendous was responsible for our third favorite album of 2014, the epic Ecdysis, of which our own Sean Frasier said, “With a sound that ranges from sweeping melancholia to bruising grooves, [Damian] Herring and cohorts Jamie and Matt Knox have proved they’re equally adept haunting the ether as they are splashing in the cesspool. ” Well, the trio’s well on their way to infiltrating this year’s Top 40 with third album Anareta, due October 27 on Dark Descent.

According to the band,  “We are all very proud of the album and feel it is our best work to date. While our composition process has always been spread out over several separated writing-specific sessions, one thing that separates Anareta from our past work is our recording process. We recorded all the songs over one continuous period (the recording sessions for The Chills and Ecdysis were more spread out)–Matt and Jamie stayed at Damian’s house/studio for weeks on end, and the three of us lived, breathed and dreamed of nothing but the album during that time. It was our entire lives for over a month (two months if you include the mixing and mastering stage), and we think this complete dedication to the record is one of the factors that really made it turn out so well. There was a lot of magic in the air once we finished the foundation of the record, and each day we built off of the prior day’s creative energies and inspirations until it bloomed into something immense.”

Here’s your exclusive first taste of this outstanding, ambitious new effort, the forlorn penultimate track, “Sum of All Failures”