Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Stick to Gorepunch

Okay, obviously, I’m just bullshitting with that headline. They’re probably going for the verb “punch,” as in “punching the gore out of you” or “punching you into gore” (although you just know Gorepunch the fruit drink would probably pair super well with Ecto-Cooler.) Anyway, Cleveland’s Gorepunch features ex-members of System Divide, as well as Mike Heller of Malignancy/Fear Factory. “Wait for Me to Reload” is a new track from their debut album Give ‘Em Hell, which you can preorder here via Seeing Red.

According to vocalist Matt Phillips, “Originally, ‘Wait for Me to Reload’ was written way before the Gorepunch band was even a concept. The song itself is about when you have ignorant, sadistic, real piece-of-shit people only looking out for themselves, using you as some sort of conducting rod for their problems… to such a point where you finally snap and go for jugulars! I just hope there are still good people out there and this song can help them through their day as they share the same crazy feelings as I do. Stay metal, my friends.”