God Told Us to Premiere a New From the Hellmouth Rager

The best part about organized religion is how it inspires horrifying violence. I mean, that’s the point, right? Up-and-coming slam-friendly death metal outfit From the Hellmouth get it, and they give it just as good on “God Told Us To,” which will appear on their self-titled EP dropping August 25 on Redefining Darkness. 

“‘God Told Me To’ is inspired by the sadistic dreams of the insane,” says FTM creator Noah Buchanan. “Those who absolve themselves of wrongdoing in the name of God. With this song, I want to take you on an unholy journey of war and terror. This album was written to be brutal and punishing, incorporating old-school death metal with modern flavors.” 

Good, punishing stuff. Preorder the EP here, and check out the video trailer here