Hear Grime’s Unmolested Crusher “Decay in Hades”

It took this long for somebody to launch a metal label called Argento? Fuck it. Better late than never. Time to break the champagne bottle with Suspiria-licious Italo-sludge up-and-comers Grime, who will be executing the (not-Suspiria-soundtrack-like-at-all and, uh, interestingly titled) eight-song sophomore effort Circle of Molesters on September 1. “Decay in Hades” is the hammering, repetitive slab of, well… grime that you didn’t know you desperately needed until right fucking now.

“‘Decay in Hades’ is one of the first new songs we wrote with our new lineup, and a step further from what we did in the past,” the band emails. “On this track, we abandoned our minimalistic approach with the sonic purpose to humiliate and annihilate the listener through its hypnotic, repetitive riffs and its double bass layer. It’s all about intensity.” 

Pre-order it here: Europe, and the rest of the world.