Taken By the Sun’s Post-Doom “Scars” Will Never Heal

Would you rather be burnt or taken by the sun? Does “taken” in this case mean kidnapped, raped or simply treated to a matinee showing of Pixels? Are those fates one and the same? These are the stupid questions that Chicago-based five-piece Taken by the Sun has inspired us to ask, but we forgave them almost immediately upon pressing play on their “Scars” video (not a Papa Roach cover, sadly). Although the singer is wearing an Adrenaline-era Deftones shirt, so you know Travis Ryan’s going to be pumped on that. [EDIT: That is actually an Atlas Moth shirt, kids, made in the image of the Deftones’ sorta-iconic screaming cat. The more you know… — managing ed.] If you approve, check out the sludgy, post-metal leanings on TBTS’s eponymous full-length, which dropped back in February.

“‘Scars’ is a song about war,” the band reveals. “No nuance or hidden meanings; just a frank, brutal, violent song. We set out to make a real sledgehammer of a music video, full of vicious, unambiguous images to match the mood and tone of the song. We hope we’ve done our job.”