STREAMING: Lychgate “An Antidote for the Glass Pill”

It’s taken UK apocalyptic funeral-black metallers Lychgate two years to follow-up lauded debut Lychgate. In the years between the Brits have delved into the darkest recesses of funeral doom and black metal’s psyche, employing church organs in full effect to turn what is traditionally a Christian instrument against itself. Furthermore, Lychgate have gotten stranger, more decadent. The progressive underpinnings of Lychgate recall vintage Genesis, but don’t let the reference sway you in any direction. This is evil, uncompromising and uncomfortable music, the likes of which normally emanate in strange waves from Norway. This time it’s from the bowels of historic London. To make matters worse (or better) Esoteric’s Greg Chandler is on vocals.

Mondays are normally unhappy days. The start of the work week, the continuation of the stupid and inane. Let Lychgate drag you down even farther. Join the descent!

** Lychgate’s new album, An Antidote for the Glass Pill, is out August 18th on Blood Music. Maniacs into church organ music with blastbeats, classically-inspired guitar solos, and ugly, evil riffs can get theirs HERE.